We offer a professional film scanning service to convert your colour or B&W negatives and slides into high quality digital images. Film is scanned using our Fujifilm Frontier SP3000 scanner up to a resolution of 5444 x 3647pixels, producing an image that is the equivalent of an 18″ x 12″ print at 300ppi (or approximately the same size as you would get from a 20 MP camera). During the scanning process dust and scratches are automatically removed, and the colour and density are corrected (if necessary).

We offer 3 levels of service – Available for 35mm, 120, 220, 5×4 & 10×8 negatives or transparencies:

Optimised for web – upto 1.5Mb (1818 x 1228 pixels)*

Standard resolution – upto 6Mb (3635 x 2433 pixels)*

High resolution – upto 18Mb (5444 x 3647 pixels)*

When ordering please state whether you require JPEG or TIFF format (if TIFF please state whether for PC or MAC). Images can be output onto CD or USB stick (supplied by customer).

*(size in Mb refers to approximate file size in JPEG format. Please be aware that pixel dimensions are ratio dependant – those shown are for 35mm film).

Photographic Print / Artwork Scanning Service

We also offer a scanning service from your photographs, documents or flat artwork;

Photographs can be scanned at their original dimensions or enlarged up to almost any size.

Minor scratches and dust spots are removed as part of the service, but we can also fully restore damaged prints.