Digital c-type prints are real photographic prints produced by exposing light sensitive paper to a finely balanced RGB light source, similar to traditional photography.

Our prints are produced using a Fuji Frontier Digital Minilab and are available at sizes up to 18″ x 12″.

KODAK Lustre Paper

KODAK Lustre paper has a semi-matt finish. The paper is coated with a slightly stripped surface producing very natural professional photographic prints with subtle colour.

KODAK Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper

KODAK Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper has the distinctive, attention getting, glossy finish and metallic appearance that will draw all eye to your work. Producing striking, some say “glamourous” prints with exceptional visual interest and depth that will appeal to professional photographers seeking a dramatic look.

Our experts carefully check all digital images that we receive for colour and size and we will always advise you if we feel there is an issue.