School Proofs


  • Custom designed proofs using your studio branding
  • Single and multi-pose proofs available
  • Personalize your proofs with school names
Package Printing


  • Printed on Kodak paper
  • Custom package combinations available
  • Photo mounts included
  • Framing and Photo gifts
  • Delivery direct to your client
Sales & Marketing


We also print customised materials to add to your product portfolio:

  • Order forms
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Special offer leaflets
  • Post cards

Davies Colour is renowned for the quality and service provided to school and pre-school photographers all over the UK.

We offer modern and innovative products, using the latest imaging technologies to produce the best possible prints from your digital files.

With a full range of packages for Schools Photographers to choose from, we can ensure you will get a personalised and highly professional service, helping you to get an edge over your competitors.
Davies Colour’s cost effective pricing structure and efficient work flow will allow you to maximise your sales with the minimum of effort.

By using Davies Colour’s Schools processing service, you are joining many profitable, professional photographers from the industry. We administrate and process the proof cards and packs which allows you, the Photographer, to concentrate on taking the images and looking after your customers. Let Davies Colour show you what works for many other schools & nursery photographers by choosing one of our tried and tested proof card systems.